Monday, March 31, 2008

Which students made the most growth?

To find out which students made growth you use the growth target report.

You must analyze your school one grade level cohort at a time.

1. Put in the filters. (example)
a. your school (BGS)
b. assessment (Grade 5 2007 NECAP)

2. Run report

3. Click on the bar graphs to view students.

4. Click on a particular student to see a bar graph of the last three NECAP assessments.

5. Click on those assessments to look for specific areas of improvement.

Logging On to Performance Pathways VIP

1. Go to the Performance Pathways i4see Homepage. (link to the right of this blog.)
2. Go to the ESS Workbench.
3. Put in your username and password.
4. Select the action "NEXT"
5. Choose "REPORTING"